I HIT 4 Bonus Symbols on 5 Treasures on MAX BET in Vegas!

777 Red Hot Slot Machine by IGT – it’s a 1 line $.50 denomination. I do a $20 challenge to see if I can double my money and I get a nice win and caught it as it happens! This … Read More About This Slot Here “”

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Julie Jones

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Sometimes slots player at my local casino when i can escape from the kids for a bit while hubby takes care things :) ok scratch that thought it was just a dream, maybe i will just stay home and play online today with my lucky Labs Molly and Macy...........

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3 Responses to “I HIT 4 Bonus Symbols on 5 Treasures on MAX BET in Vegas!”

  1. Some while back I watching a friend playing this game.
    For 5 consecutive bonus sessions they chose the Red Dragon and got all DEAD SPINS!
    There was a lady playing next to us and watching the action and she was literally freaking out and yelling "Choose something else, not the dragons" and she was literally losing her mind as she saw how the machine was being tight on him. On the 6th bonus game it payed about $500

    Also fyi you can choose the fishes.
    I've seen many times when my friend is playing 38cents (yep a tiny play) with a tiny $15 freeplay, when he gets the bonus game he chooses the fishes and will almost always get between $15-$120!
    He always able to run his tiny freeplay of $15-$50 into $65-$190 within a hr and not once will he bet the 88 cents!

  2. It’s the green tiger you want to choose. He comes out more then the dragon.

  3. Hello and good luck with that slot

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