There are not many games online that have a Biblical theme and this where the online slot game of Noah’s Ark tops the list as well it really ain’t no opposition i suppose. If you are one of those players who believe in the story or you just like the very idea of a boat filled with animals needing to be saved before the world sinks, then Noah’s Ark will for sure enthrall and entertain you to the core. Noah’s Ark is a basic game that is colorful and can be played with ease by beginners as well right below in our free version.

The Game Play Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark has 5 reels and 30 paylines and is designed based on the original biblical story with the same name – Noah’s Ark. As per the story, Noah saves 2 animals of every species and takes the animals to an unknown load on the boat he builds. The game was released by well known company IGT online casino software and can be played for free and fun or for money as well as select casinos.

The Bonus Features

  • Like any other online slot game, Noah’s Ark too provides the players with various bonus features. There are split symbols and the free bonus spins when the player lands on the dove scatter symbols.
  • The online game of Noah’s Ark might look very basic at the very first look but this is one bright, colorful and a cheerful slot that has a number of cute and wild animals.
  • The game features various wild symbols, double prize symbols and of course the Free Spins. As one could expect most of the symbols that are found in the game are that of animals like elephants, camels, lion and a hippopotamus. Players can find two symbols of each of these animals.

Biggest pay-outs

  • One of the biggest cash prizes a player can win, if he/she gets lucky is the whopping 500,000 jackpot.
  • There are players who wonder as to why an online game would have the name of Noah’s Ark, but the ark in this game is all surrounded by the reels. To be more specific, the deck of the boat is the reels and one can find the beach and the sea right under these reels.
  • Players can place the wager using the setup that is provided below the reels and the players can also choose the lines as well as the line bets here. The betting range varies from £1 up to £50 and the players can bet about 50 coins every line. The maximum jackpot a player can earn is 500,000 coins.

Nice Win on Noah’s Ark Slots

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