One of the most popular online slot machine games, Wild Wolf is one the best in the Wolf pokies themed series like Wolf Run and Wolf Rising. Made by IGT, this casino-style game has fun graphics that follow the real lives of wolves in the backgrounds, sound effects, and special features. The game’s success rate is higher than several other types currently available to players because of its pay lines, bonus features, and high payouts. Wild Wolf can be played online right below – have fun!

Online Slot Game: Wild Wolf Pokies Free Play Version

Game Features:

  • The game is set with a Native American theme with the sound effects all being from wolves such as the famous howl of the wolf signaling a free bonus spin.
  • Each symbol of a wolf has a different meaning in terms of bonuses or payouts and quickly becomes a fan favorite as it usually signals better-winning potentials.
  • The other symbol in the game is the scatter symbol also known as the Dreamcatcher Bonus symbol. This symbol is special and appears only during particular reels. Once activated, the player will receive 5 free spins – yer we know it’s a bit on the low side.

Bonus Features Explained

  • Wild Wolf features two different bonuses, Wild and the Bonus Symbol. Even though this is less than other slot games, it makes the game significantly easier to play and to understand actually giving the player an opportunity to quickly earn better payouts and more bonuses.
  • The Dreamcatcher Bonus symbol is activated during the bonus round on particular reels such as the second, third, or fourth. When the Bonus symbol is activated, players automatically receive five free spins which can be triggered by a total of 225 times.
  • The other feature of this game is the stacked wilds. Similar to Wolf Run, the game’s stacked wild allows players more play time for less of their own money and a greater potential for larger payouts.


  • Wild Wolf Slot has two different playing options, one friendly and on competitive. During the friendly mode, players enjoy the game without having to make a real money bet whereas the competitive mode requires players to submit bets starting at $.01 to $20.00 per pay-line.
  • There are fifty different pay lines available during the game for a total of $1000.00 in possible betting amounts. IGT is known for their payouts and this game is predicted to return between 95% to 96% in profits back to the player.


Wild Wolf comes from its predecessor, Wolf Run. With this new version, IGT has kept the fun theme and sound effects while making the potential for payouts much larger. Although it does not have as many features as other games that are more current, it is designed to have a higher payout rate with its 50 pay-lines and potential for continually stacked bets making it both fun and potentially profitable for pokies players.

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