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Iron Man Slots is one of the popular slot games. Let’s take a look at a YouTube video that was posted by Albert’s Slot Channel in December 2016.

On this video, Albert played twice. On his first game, he won a total of $423.68, and each spin cost $2.25. On his second game, he won a total of $387.62, and each spin cost $4.50.

About the Game

Just like other slot machine games, the Iron Man slot machine has 7 reels and each reel contains symbols. The symbols include Tony Stark, the Iron Man, Black Widow, Pepper Pots, Col. Rhodes, A, K, Q, the Iron Man gloves, the word “Stark”, and more.
This game features 40 paylines and each spin will cost depending on what appears on the field that says “Total Bet”.

How Albert played the game an overview

On the first game, he started with $50.36 with a 3x multiplier. On his 3rd spin, he ended with 5 Iron Mans on reels 1 to 5, making his prize go up to $148.01. On his last spin, he ended with 4 Iron Mans and won a 10x multiplier so his prize went up to $423.68, and he ended the game.

On his next session, he started with $34.26 with a 9x multiplier. On his 6th spin, a roulette appeared and asked him to spin it. The icons on the roulette include four “Rescue”, four “House Party”, Tony Stark, Black Widow, and Col. Rhodes.

He got the House Party which gave him 5 free spins. On the fifth free spin, he ended up with 5 Iron Mans on 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 7th reel, and awarded him a 2x multiplier, so his prize went up to $258.26. He made 40 spins after the free spins where he didn’t win any big prize. However, on his 41st spin, the roulette appeared again and got “Rescue” when he made a spin.

The “Rescue” feature brings the player to a mini-game where the player can get $135 on top of the prize the player gets while playing the mini-game. On Albert’s case, there were 3 levels where he had to rescue Pepper Pots, Col. Rhodes, and President Ellis.

On the first level where he had to rescue Pepper Pets, he was given 3 Stark icons to choose from because one of those icons contains Pepper Pets. On this mini-game, he only had 3 picks. Luckily, he was able to choose the right icon and rescued Pepper in just 1 try.

On the second level, he had to rescue Col. Rhodes, but he only had 2 picks left. During this level, he had to choose between 4 Stark icons, giving him a 50% chance to choose the right icon. On his first pick, he selected a blank icon, leaving him with 1 pick left. Luckily, on his second pick, he was able to rescue Col. Rhodes.

On the last level, he had to rescue President Ellis but he only had 1 pick left, and he had to choose between 5 Stark icons. Luckily enough, he only had to pick once and saved him successfully. Albert won $99 during the mini-game, and after he won all three levels, he won another $135. That’s how he won a total of $387.62 and ended the game – not that bad overall.

Iron Man Online Slots Summary

Online slot machines are becoming more and more popular these days that provide joy and entertainment to players. These give them an opportunity to double or triple their money if they win or even more if luck is going their way.

The Iron Man slot was available online a few years ago as a Playtech version with many other Marvel slot machines, sadly Playtech and Disney the Marvel rights owner could not come to an agreement and all Marvel slots were discontinued online from Playtech. So it’s off to a land casino you go to play the Iron Man slot machine.

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