IGT’s Shes a Rich Girl is an online and land based casino slot game based on the story of a girl living the high life with all the trappings of wealth from a sugar daddy, besides her is the man who foots the bill to her lifestyle. The game uses symbols that clearly indicates what a rich girl is all about 🙂

Playing Shes a Rich Girl Free Version

The Rich Girl Logo 

  • This is a great winning symbol that double the winnings. It’s worth watching this symbol every time you play the game. If this symbol isn’t a sub in a winning combination; you’ll still win based on the pay table & the number of symbols you have on the reels.

Diamond Run

  • This is a purple square with the writings, Diamond Run on it. The Diamond Run symbol triggers free spins and a number of free spins to be won depends on the number of symbols & where they fall in the game.

Scatter Symbol

  • This is a picture of 3 gems with the writings Scatter written on top for easy identification. Depending on the number of the scatter symbols on the reels, Scatters can pay up to 25 times the stake. Three scatter symbols pay 2X the stake, 4 scatters pay 10X the stake while 5 scatters pay 25X the stake.


  • It could be hard to get this symbol in the game but once a picture of a sole diamond appears; you are lucky to have guaranteed free spins. For each diamond on the screen, you get a free spin during each round of play. The maximum number of free spins you can get from the Diamond symbol is 100.

Regular Symbols

  • These are symbols valued based on the number of time they appear on the pay line. They don’t pay out big, however, when combined with the scatter symbol; it leads to larger payouts. These symbols include; an older man, watermelon, rich girl, peach, cherry, grape, white dog and white cat with a gold bone collar and diamond collar respectively.

How to Play

  • The game features 5 reel and nine pay lines. To start the play, you have to decide the number of lines to play & how much to wager. After making this decision, enter it correctly into the machine. The more pay lines you play, the more combinations and the higher the chances of higher winnings.
  • You can also choose to auto spin or to manually play the game. After selecting the desired coin value, you can manually hit the spin button or click the AUTO SPIN button. The latter will continue until you hit the stop button, win a bonus or run out of stake. The game only pays the highest payout per round.

Free spin bonus 

  • Once you hit the 3 bonus symbols necessary to activate the bonus round; you’ll leave the regular gameplay screen & be taken to another setup played with diamonds and gems. In the bonus reel, you’re given a wild symbol and a set of new symbols to play with. The wild is the diamond and can sub any other gem for a winning combination.
  • The wild symbol isn’t only a doubler but also gives you another free spin each time it comes until you’ve reached the maximum of 100 free spins. Bonus round on this slot game is where you win the largest amounts.

Summary Thoughts

The game is interesting and fun to play overall. The easy set up with simple rules and game play makes it a user-friendly slot game.

Average rating 4.7 / 5. Vote count: 7

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