If slot machines and fantasy heroines with nice breasts are two of your favorite things, then you’ll appreciate IGT’s online slot game Natural Powers. The game has 4 sultry heroines at front and center representing the 4 main powers at play – Earth, Fire, Wind and Ice. With these 4 powers at war, the players job is to bring them into harmony, and in doing so, unravel the mysterious riches the unified powers have to offer. Play this free slot right below.

Natural Powers Slots Guide (Free play version)

Payouts are based on the four elements, and there are a number of bonuses to keep you interested. The standout attraction is the free spins bonus game which allows the user to choose any of the four elements with their corresponding free spins and multiplier options. The random mystery bonus dictated by the elements, and cascading reels, make this a fun and varied slot game.


There are plenty of varied ways to win in this game with 5 reels and 40 paylines. A total of 60 points must be bet – 40 for each payline and 20 for bonus feature activation. Players can bet between $1 and $10 per line.

Bonus Features of note

Cascading Reels

Probably a favorite feature for most avid slot players. Every time you win, the symbols that formed part of that win disappear, making room for a set of new symbols to fall into their spot. The result is a new set of combinations giving you an extra chance for further wins. The cascading continues until there are no more wins.

Free Spins

When you spin in the base game and the bonus symbol falls into any of reels one, three and five, you’ll automatically get a free spin. If you get two bonus symbols in any of the above mentioned spots, then the 4 heroines can appear and bring a third bonus symbol to complete the set.

If so, you’ll get the following free spin options.

  • Earth 25 spins and anywhere from a 2x to 4x multiplier
  • Fire 5 spins and anywhere from a 5x to 10x multiplier
  • Wind 8 spins and anywhere from a 4x to 10x multiplier
  • Ice 12 spins and anywhere from a 3x to 5x multiplier
  • The multiplier is generated randomly at the beginning of each free spin within the range of possibilities as listed above.
  • If you want to get mathematical about it, Wind should have the greatest odds of producing wins, but who’s to say in the unpredictable game of slots.

Mystery Bonus Features

Amystery feature bonus can happen after any spin in the base game. Each of the characters, Earth, Fire, Wind and Ice provide a different benefit at random which allows for further cascading symbols to fill in the blanks as follows:

  • Earth Captures and removes a random combination of symbols
  • Fire Ignites and destroys all wind, earth and combined wind/earth symbols.
  • Wind Blows through the reel and eliminated all fire, ice and combined fire/ice symbols from the game reel.
  • Ice Freezes away a random pattern of symbols.


Within the base game there will be more small/medium sized wins. The free spin feature will be the cash cow here because of the multiplier potential and wins should be more substantial there.


Overall, Natural Powers is an entertaining game with a unique concept. The free spin and cascading reels are definitely the biggest draw card here, the only minor downside is that the game is a little less volatile and varied than some slot players like.

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