Silent Hill Return Konami Slot Free Play Guide & Preview

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Konami Slot Preview of the Silent Hill Return game, this is an awesome pokies game to play for real bucks or free fun at select online casinos.

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Julie Jones

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Sometimes slots player at my local casino when i can escape from the kids for a bit while hubby takes care things :) ok scratch that thought it was just a dream, maybe i will just stay home and play online today with my lucky Labs Molly and Macy...........

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4 Responses to “Silent Hill Return Konami Slot Free Play Guide & Preview”


  2. This is just sad, truly truly sad.

    Shame on Konami for dragging this legendary series down so low. They don't deserve to own Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid, or any games for that matter. They're just rich businessmen who have more money than any person can reasonably even spend in their lifetimes, and they just want more.
    Give Silent Hill and MGS back to Kojima where they rightfully belong, he has a passion and knows video games can truly be an artistic medium. Kojima and his team made those games into the memorable games they are today, I doubt Konami execs even know the names of any of the Silent Hill characters off hand, they couldn't even be bothered to make a new character model for Heather, just using her PS2 model. I mean…how lazy can you get…

  3. Look how they massacred my boy

  4. This makes me really sad and it's further fuels my hatred toward konami.

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