Konami Silent Hill Slot Machine 🤑Video Win Preview & Guide

Konami is Konami, and Konami is the worst! Japan’s crummiest mainstream game publisher has unveiled a new Silent Hill… slot machine. A straight up casino box. Because of course.

In a move that, at this point, is only tragically funny, Konami has reaffirmed its commitment to making money off its properties moneysuck machines. It’s not just pachinko anymore – Silent Hill’s gone full gambling!

So there’s your #FucKonami News for today. Remember when Hideo Kojima was gonna make a Silent Hill game?

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Julie Jones

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Sometimes slots player at my local casino when i can escape from the kids for a bit while hubby takes care things :) ok scratch that thought it was just a dream, maybe i will just stay home and play online today with my lucky Labs Molly and Macy...........

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3 Responses to “Konami Silent Hill Slot Machine 🤑Video Win Preview & Guide”

  1. 2K Games: "We put a slotmachine in our game!"
    Konami: "But. What if we put… a game in a slotmachine though?"

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  2. Wait, another one? I thought this is the one from 4 years ago. I guess they should just pump this kind of shit every year so we can hear hit the lever meme every year!

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  3. Let’s not forget the jubeat gambling shit and the beatmania shit
    Konami really lost my respect

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