Ghostbusters is an IGT online slots game that is available in both a free version and a play for real money version, allowing players to first play to practice the game before putting down real bets on the slots machine. It’s modeled after the Ghostbusters movies and is filled with great graphics, an interactive design, and very vibrant layout. For those players looking to play this IGT slots machine game an account will probably be required to be able to access the game, but there shouldn’t be any need to deposit money into the account in order to play the free practice version for as long as you want. Play this slot free or real go here.

Ghostbusters Play free online slots pokies
This particular IGT slots game is a thirty line multi-reel slots game with a lot of really neat extra features and bonus functions, but players should take note that those extra features are only accessible if they pay the extra few credits per spin. Without the credits and without those extra features, Ghostbusters can be a bit dull and isn’t much fun to play. Those bonus features really make it the awesome slots game it is. Unlike a lot of other slots games, Ghostbusters features two wild cards rather than just one and they can be alternated for any other symbol within the IGT online slots game except the bonus pieces.

Additionally, there is a Ballroom Busters Bonus where the player shoots various balloons with their gun to find the hidden ghost, which will give the player more credits. There is also a multiplier hidden within the balloons. There is also a Stay Puft Free Spins Bonus feature that has falling marshmallows. Those marshmallows will either turn into wild cards or they can land on winning spots and award the player with whatever the marshmallows landed on.

This online slots game from IGT also has a couple really fun mystery features woven throughout the game that are activated seemingly at random as the player continues playing. There is a random cash award every so often that can be several times the current coin value.

Ghostbusters Play free online slots pokies here

Ghostbusters also has an extra wilds function that, obviously, triggers a few extra wild cards in the reels. This online slots game also has a multiplier mystery feature that multiplies the current winning outcome. Lasty, the slot has something called Wild Reels, where a few reels are covered in slime and when that happens, those reels will turn entirely into wild cards.
All in all, this is a really fun IGT online slot game, but unfortunately, the websites where Ghostbusters is featured isn’t available to United States or Aussie players. So who you gonna call? Ghostbusters !

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