The Pharaoh Bingo is an interesting new way to play online bingo in a web casino. As a four card game, each with three lines and five columns in each, the Egyptian theme to it is apparent through the game play and the music. At its heart it is a simple bingo game – if you have ever played before then this will come easily to you. The added bonus game of being able to add extra balls gives an element of planning to the game as well. With a potential multiplier of up 10,000 and a maximum bet per card of 10 (totaling to 40 at once), any lucky players have the chance of winning a massive 400,000 credits in just one bingo game.

The payouts here are some of the best which you will see in online games such as these, while any kind of online and interactive bingo can be hard to come across. Most web casino games tend to be slot games, so it is nice to see Pharaoh Bingo taking an entirely new approach to online gaming in this way. This bingo game is an interesting take of a game we all thought rather boring that only mum or grandma would play.

You have the ability to dramatically alter the odds in which you play. You can change the stake almost as much as you want, and if you do not want to play with the total 4 cards that are available you can change this if you so choose. Being able to customize in this way means that you can directly affect your odds and chances of winning. If you want the chance of winning the ultimate jackpot then you will obviously need to have the game on the highest stakes with 4 total cards available, but this is certainly worth it. The mechanic of the game which allows you to add extra balls at the end if you so choose also lets you increase your winnings if you are just short of a great prize. Play this web casino bingo game from Virgin Games casino today (UK Players only).


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