Fantastic Four is an web casino slot machine game based off of the very successful Fantastic Four franchise that I’m sure you all remember from your childhood days! It features 2 pay-lines with 5 reels and is hosted by Virgin Casino Games and several other sites. One of its more obvious and stylish bonus features is the Four Free Spin features, one for each member of the Fantastic Four. Each character brings a different element to each spin, making for a very dynamic experience to be had in this slot game. The maximum bet out there for all you gambling lovers are 100.00 while the minimum is a nice 0.01. Play this great web casino slot game today for fun or real cash action from any of our web casino links. Most PCs and Macs can play this slot but it is not available for mobiles or iPads yet.

In terms of art direction, Fantastic Four does a stellar job. Each of the four characters feature as Wild/Free Spin elements, and there is a strange sense of teamwork to be had just by spinning the reels. The layout is clear and minimal, and is the soothing blue colour that has come to be iconic of the Fantastic Four. There is a Scatter element as well. There is a great attention to detail and artwork here. The sounds are very well done and there are unique character pictures for each member of the Fantastic Four that can’t be seen anywhere else.

Even if you’re not a Fantastic Four fan, there are good times to be had in this slot game. It doesn’t stray too far from the beaten path that makes online slot machines so delightfully addictive and fun to play. There is no prior knowledge of the franchise required to enjoy the game play here, and it’s suitable for all ages 18 + for as far as that is relevant, consider the fact that it is a gambling game but you can play for free only and not risk any cash. Still, if you are a parent who likes to hit the online slots as you unwind in the evening, your child may just love seeing their favourite heroes on screen! And there is no shame to be had if you love the Fantastic Four yourself. There is a lot of meaty content here for all types of slot machine players you wish to play at the web casinos!


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