Iron Man is a web casino slot machine game based off of everybody’s favourite Marvel superhero, Iron Man! It is a 25 pay-line 5 reel slot game hosted by Virgin Casino Games. The game is literally bursting with features, most notable of which is the Missile Attack Bonus game which serves as a nice distraction and break from the reels. There are chances at Free Spins as well, which is always a good thing! The maximum betting amount allowed is 200.00 while the minimum bet possible is 0.01. The variety of features and bonuses available really make this a slot machine game accessible to anyone interested in a new take on the genre! The return-to-player is 95.084%.

Now whether you are a fan of Iron Man or not, this slot machine game is worth a play just to see how they implement the Missile Attack Bonus Game. If you are a Marvel fan, or if you just enjoyed the blockbuster films that we’ve had in the past few years then you will absolutely love this game. The style and the icons on the reels all just scream “Iron Man.”

The interface is minimal and clean, and reminds me of the view from inside of Iron Man’s iconic helmet. The animation is top quality and the art is something else. There are some great images of Iron Man and Tony Stark here that can’t be found anywhere else. You will also see images of items significant from the movies, such as missiles or a briefcase from Stark Industries. The slot game is dripping with style, excitement and nice pay-outs.

Even if you are not a fan of Iron Man, you will have fun taking a spin on the reels of this slot machine. The effort and love put into its design is very apparent and it has proven to be a very enjoyable time-waster and distraction from productivity! Play this web casino slot now for real cash or just for fun today.


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