Ok if you were wondering if Aussies can play at online casinos that offer electronic games like pokies, blackjack & roulette well the short answer is – YES! YES! YES! Aussies you can play the pokies legally online. No player has ever been in trouble for playing the poker machines online & the regulations do not allow for this to be an issue for “the player” by current Australian law. So don’t worry you will not end up in jail and have to pick up the soap for big bubba!

Online pokies for Australians the law

Aussie law regards online pokies casinos

The legislation that is presently in place for online gaming from the player’s perspective is that playing at an online casino is not against the Australian law. The law makes it an offence for a web casino to accept players who are resident physically in Australia. So the only party that can get into trouble is the casino that you are playing at and to our knowledge no overseas casino has even been prosecuted for allowing Aussies to play with them.

The present Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 (yes its that old)

Presently no Australian based company thanks to the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 can offer (or does offer) online EGM’s electronic gaming machines to players. Although Aussies can play as much as they want at their local pub or casino they will not be able to access these same games online from a locally based business; so in many ways this does not make sense as you can jump online & play but not with a local business. But anyway that’s the rules at present & you can happily play the pokies locally or sports bet online from a company like Sporting bet but no EGM’s betting from any company based in the land down under. But don’t worry as many reputable sites outside of OZ offer some of the best online pokie games going.

Why play the pokies online anyway?

Australians gamble more than most countries – if it’s not a lotto ticket, it might be a scratch card or a bet on the footy, the gg’s (that’s the horses) or a punt on the bowl licker’s (that’s the greyhounds) but for most people the one thing they really love to play are the poker machines. But along with having to visit a land based casino or gaming lounge comes a few things that adds to the overall experience like – making the time to do it, the costs to get there & back, the expensive food and drinks at the venue and the pay-outs they give players (well lack of them). These considerations build up a good case to play online & web pokies casinos generally offer great RTP – return to player percentages pay-outs. Land based venues obviously have huge overheads in comparison to online based casinos who can afford to give a little more cash back into your pocket.

Online pokies for Aussies against the law or not?

Just the facts about playing at online casinos for Australians

Ok in summary there are no laws prohibiting Aussies from playing the pokie machines online; so in short you can open an account with a reputable online casino, deposit a few bucks and play the pokies online legally right from your PC or even a mobile! These casinos cater for many countries and abide by strict licensing & controls in their respective countries. You can enjoy the exact same games that someone from the UK, Germany or New Zealand are playing online right now. View some of casino reviews for some tips on the best sites to enjoy for free or real action from the sidebar information.

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