Club8Casino Social Pokies Quick Start Review

For all Aussie pokies players a great place to waste a little time playing the pokies online is at a site called the Club 8 Casino. Ok don’t get too excited just yet we need to tell you the news which is part good & part bad. This site is a social gaming casino & that means in a nutshell that you can’t win any real money, although the upside is you can’t lose any either.

When you, like me think of a casino it pops into our head that we can risk & win actual money, but that is not the case here as it’s all social fun gaming only. Your credits cannot be cashed out of the site in any way; if you buy some credits you still cannot get any refunds or withdrawals out of your account balance.


Key points about the Club 8 Casino

  • Ok it’s not all bad news as the pokies they have are all 100% free to enjoy. When you register they automatically reward you with $5000 in complimentary credits to get off & going. If you run out of credits just log-in again 24 hours later & they will comp you more free virtual cash again, i.e. – $500 to play with. Keep on doing this & you can play for mate’s rates forever!
  • VIP pokies, ok here’s the deal to remember. They have many games available but some of them are the ones you will really want to play & these are the called VIP pokies. To play them you need at least $20000 in account credits either paid for or won the hard way with your expert pokies skills 🙂 . This amount needed equates to about $10 in real purchases to get $20000 in virtual currency credits.


  • Being a social pokies casino means they have heaps of stuff going on to keep things interesting for punters like prize giveaways, happy hour match-up bonuses & leader board competitions. If you are a member at one of six Queensland RSL clubs they partner with you can get a quick sign-up process & points back to your member card if you make some purchases, although it’s only a meager 1% cash back so nothing special really to note.
  • The best pokies they have are some that you many have even played before at your local gaming club. Some of the best poker machine titles available presently are Crazy Money, Eye of Horus, Ramses Book, Savannah Storm, King of Bling & Spooky House, plus new titles will be added on a regular basis. So far they have about 20 games including Blackjack & Roulette to enjoy 24/7. NB – Konami pokies coming soon!


Quick Final Summary of the Club 8 Casino

Getting starting at the Club8Casino takes seconds depending on your device you will play direct from their site, PC & Mac or mobile users will need to grab the free app to play. NB – the mobile apps always need to be connected to the internet to work. Many social pokies sites allow players to send & receive credit gifts to their mates but no such feature is available at the Club8Casino presently unfortunately. Some people will enjoy playing here & some will not, that’s a given but it’s free to give it a burl anyway. Take a look at them today for a little social pokies excitement at

Video preview of Club 8 Casino Game King of Bling

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