As the game name suggests, this online free slot is based on CSI – Crime Scene Investigation, a television series that is very popular and won various Emmy Awards and others apart from numerous nominations.The series involved a team investigating and solving unusual crimes.

It was based on the popularity of the series that the video game was able to be produced through the cooperation between UbiSoft and CBS. The board game has done justice to the series unlike other frustrations that have been encountered with other available TV to video slot game themes.

Features of the CSI slot game

This is a CSI is a 5-reel slot with 30 paylines. The graphics can only be described as being realistic and crisp. The animation on the models is pretty decent with the only disappointment being that facial expression is lacking. The models have a resemblance to the actual and corresponding TV casts.

And it’s not only about resemblance in appearance; all the series stars also loaned their voices to the video game. All of that gives the game an impression of being real, like the series. There is also background music low-key and together with the visual effects, they lead you to enjoy the game more as you are immersed in the video game world.

Getting started

  • There are 5 cases to be solved in the video game and they begin just like the ones on the TV show. That is, there is an animated series of happenings leading to the actual death and events that happen shortly after.
  • You are introduced as a recruit as a player and you are supposed to solve various cases. That you achieve by collecting and processing evidence, interviewing witnesses and of course solving some really stress-free mysteries. The setting of the game is in the streets of Las Vegas where you have to roam solving the multiple murder crimes.
  • It is important to note that while various facets of crime investigation are incorporated into this video game, it is in the lab where most of the action takes place. As a player you have to use your microscope and other tools to examine items or evidence closely. The use of a computer is employed in identifying fingerprints, medical histories and so on.

DNA among others to clues and gather evidence.

  • Once the players are certain that evidence has been gathered, the players, for further questioning, can visit the suspect and also can serve warrants of arrest.
  • For the slot game you can bet as low as $0.01 or bet the maximum amount for you to be able to win the jackpots featured in the game.


In conclusion, once you have completed the cases you can restart all over again. If you are the type who is fascinated by police shows and a fan of CSI, then definitely this is a great slot choice for you.

CSI Slots Video Preview Below

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