Playing the best web casino games can be a fun way to make a little extra cash or just have a little fun and this is up to you how you play. Finding the best games can be hard for new players and we review the popular ones you should consider on this page.

There is not a soul in this world who can’t picture a land casino without the slot machines and that now includes web casinos. The image of falling coins and spinning rolls come into everyone’s heads when thinking about casinos. Anyone can play slots; there is no need to know any rules, there is no need for special skills, you only need to press the hand lever or push a button and then hope for a lucky wink from the goddess of fortune. You don’t even have to be an expert at slots; basically you can’t be an expert at this game because of its simplicity and lack of rules. Slot machines require a small amount of money to play, but the burning will to win the jackpot can indeed, leave a big hole in your pocket and make you spend hours in front of the slot machines. Online slots have become the #1 game to play and due to this success land based slot machine manufacturers like IGT and Aristocrat now even have there own web slots available for players. Unfortunately many countries have restrictions on playing these well know games like Wheres the Gold, Choy Sun Doa, Miss Kitty, Da Vinci Diamonds, Dolphins Treasure, Indian Dreaming and 50 Lions online slots.


And what would casinos be without the card games? Web casino card games may differ from the live ones, but if you read the rules and know the basics of those games you’ll be just fine. Blackjack, for instance, has millions of fans around the world. The objective in this game is to get better cards than the dealers’ and not exceed 21. All the players have one opponent and that is the dealer. They can even become comrades and make jokes while playing. The aim here is to get the closest to 21 you possibly can with your cards, but not to exceed this value; if your cards have a higher value than 21, then you lose. The fun and non-competitive part is that there can be several winners in a single game.

 Of course there is poker and any good web casino has this game on their list. It takes a lot of attention, tact and of course, knowledge of the rules of the poker version you are playing in order to win at this game. The advantage and at the same time disadvantage in poker games played in an online casino is the fact that players can’t see each other’s mimics and gestures while playing, but the thrill is all the same. Poker is not an easy game to play and nobody can say they have learned the winning tricks over night, but it is nonetheless fun to play and full of strategy. It does not take much knowledge to play an online casino game. It is rather a matter of fortune and faith. You invest as much as you want and play whichever game you wish. For instance, if you like keno and slots but cannot decide which one to play, the world wide web provides you with as many windows as you like and thus you can play the two games at the same time. Try to do that in the real world – it is simply impossible to do so.


An online casino can easily replace a real casino and sometimes offer an even wider range of games. However, rules differ from casino to casino and you must carefully read them before deciding to place your bets. Take poker for instance. Of course there are the basic rules of poker that every player needs to know by heart to even dream of standing a chance, but online video poker goes more with blind bets that real poker. Plus, the impersonal approach of internet does not allow players to observe each other’s gestures.  Other popular web casino games are craps and roulette and you can also play a live dealer version of Blackjack and Roulette online. Craps requires a bit of knowledge in order to play, but the rules are not as complicated as in the case of poker. Roulette, on the other hand goes by guessing where the ball stops after the roulette wheel spins and some people love to record previous records of where that little ball stopped in the likely hood they can predict the future.

The web casino phenomenon is so widely spread at the moment that anywhere in the world where there is internet one can play at any web casino, anyplace and at any time. Virtual casinos have open gates for anyone to enjoy real time gaming.

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Like any business on the internet, the online casino is a cyber-version of a land casino.  The money people place their bets with is real, the games are real, the players are real; mostly everything is real besides the actual space that has been replaced with the more facile virtual world. All the games that can be played in a real casino are found in the online casino as well. Poker, slots, roulette, blackjack, craps and many other games can be played in line on a online casino website. Even the odds of winning are the same as in real casinos.

In the age of the digital planet, there is nothing that guarantees better chances to win at web casino games than the possibility to win at a Las Vegas or Monte Carlo casino. It is all about fate at some games like slots and roulette, and an extra strategy at poker or keno. We suggest if you are just starting off playing web casino games go with simple games like slots or blackjack at first and more onto more complicated games later on. Most online casinos ley you play for free and again a good way to start playing without risking any cash. No matter the game you play, on line or not, there is one thing that must always be kept in mind: do not bet more than you can afford to lose. Temptation to do so may be huge, but it is for your own sanity not to push the limits further than you can control them.

Good luck and have fun!


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