Play Zorro slots online today for fun or real money prizes. This game from Aristocrat is one of the more popular slots in land casinos and has been adapted for online casino players.

There are letters that will show up when the bonus button is active. These include Z, O, R, R and O. The letters usually appear in place of the symbols represented by letters A, K, Q and J. As long as the word ZORRO is accurately spelt, the bonus feature will be active and commence to play for you.  After this, three doors will open and it is up to the player to select the appropriate door that will show the character that will award prizes. The characters on the reels usually appear during the free spins and one can confirm the prize he or she has worn by clicking on the flashing character. This is a fun bonus round that is sure to top up your game credits if it’s your lucky day.

The tornado is another feature that is also selected at random. It can ride across the screen to award the player a minimum of 50 credits and a maximum of 500 credits. On the gold coins, one is expected to touch the coins and they will reveal two matching prizes. The prize can be worn after being multiplied by any multiplier that has already been revealed.

In the Zorro games, free games are also awarded. In the case of free games, a “Z” symbol is usually placed on the screen at a strategic position. The Z symbol is usually symbolizes a wild symbol and it remains the same until the multiplier has been revealed and all the free games have already been completed.

Another exciting feature of the Zorro slot machine game is the Magic door where the player is awarded 2 free games. After touching a door, a character will be revealed and touching it will definitely reveal the prize that one has won. The barrels are also amazing feature of the game because they give you a chance to select free games at the touch of the barrel. One has the chance to select games such as 20, 15, 10, or 5. It is important to know that all the Zorro games give wins that are usually multiplied by a single multiplier. Anyway enjoy this super web casino slot game and good luck!

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